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The 3 week BAM Jam basketball training plan

BAM Jam is just 3 weeks away. For teams that want to go deep in to their brackets, being in shape, both from a stamina and strength perspective, will prove to be very beneficial.
3 week basketball training plan
Adding in high intensity ball handling is a great way to build your strength, endurance and skills.
Here is a simple 3 week workout program that you can do from your home and doesn't require any special equipment other then a pair of shoes and a basketball and the willingness to contribute 2-3 30 minute sessions per week.


Can you "PLAY ALL DAY"?

BAM Jam is about having fun days, playing a great game and doing it with music and entertainment. Which leads us in to this spring's theme "Play All Day". 
play all day
"Play All Day" is this spring's theme


3 on 3 Basketball As A Development Tool

Obviously, 3 on 3 basketball is a lot of fun. And there are lots of reasons to play. But have you considered how you can use 3 on 3 basketball to develop your all around game for future success?

Here are four ways that 3 on 3 basketball develops players.

Teaches you to react and make quick decisions. 
At BAM Jam, games are played to 20 or are done with a 25 minute max per game. That means you don't have a lot of time to mess around. Players that compete each spring and summer have learned out to quickly asses different situations, whether it is identifying a match up advantage, managing possessions toward the end of a game or adjusting to fatigue.
3 on 3 basketball development
In 3 on 3 basketball, players are often isolated, requiring them to develop 1 on 1 skills and the ability to defend on the ball

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