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Summer BAM Jam Champs for 2015

Here is a list of bracket champions for the 2015 Summer BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. Thank you to everyone that participated!

You can tentatively mark March 19-20, 2016 down for next year's Spring BAM Jam. Be sure to check your email in the next month or so for information on registering your team.
Men's 6'0 Over Elite Champions
Tick Tock Media won the 2015 Summer BAM Jam Men's Elite 6'0 and Over Division

2015 Summer Champs
Northwestern Mutual Men's Elite 6'0 Over - Tick Tock Media
Northwestern Mutual Men's 6'0 Under - STADIA
Northwestern Mutual Women's elite - Hapa Lolo
Beniton Construction Coed - Basketeers
AAA of Idaho 6'0 Over Recreational #1 - A Plus
Mountain West Bank 6'0 Over Recreational #2 - Lip Rippers
Old Chicago 6'0 Under Recreational - Scary Payton
Johnny's Fit Club 6'0 Under Competitive #1 - Ball Above All 6'0 Under Competitive #2 - Ruthless 6'0 Over Competitive #1 - JDB Three
Goldy's 6'0 Over Competitive #2 - Goldys
KM Engineering 6'0 Over Competitive #3 - NAIA Plus One
Eddie's Diner Girls 3/4 Grade - Check It Up
Mikasa Girls 5/6 Grade - Three Talls One Small
Design West Girls 7/8 Grade - Slam Girls
Goss Gustavel Goss Boys 3rd Grade - Shooting Stars
Goss Gustavel Goss Boys 4th Grade - TC Blaze
Bronco Shop Boys 5th Grade - Boise Slammers
Domino's Boys 6th Grade - HD Nation
Wright Brothers Boys 7th Grade - Boise Slam
Hampton Inn Boys 8th Grade - White Men Can Jump
State Farm Randy Klein Boys 9th Grade - Lapwai Hoops
Sports Authority Boys 10/11 Grade - Velociraptos
Pita Pit Boys 12 Grade - Knuckleheadz
Bucks Bags Girls 9/10 Grade - OC Ballin
Bucks Bags Girls 11/12 Grade - Victorious Secret
POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship - Ryan Grinnell
First Federal Bank 3-Point Challenge - Ryan Skurdal

Thanks to Treasure Valley Ford Stores for making the tournament possible and to Grind Modern Burger for creating a special court for some of our adult teams.

Ryan Grinnell wins the POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship


Players to watch at this summer's BAM Jam


BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores, typically features some of the most talented men's and women's players in the northwest. Thanks to a centralized location with college programs of all sizes located near by, it is no shock that players ranging from community college to the professional level play in the tournament.

There are far too many players to list all of them with details so we've picked out a few highlights and have listed them here.

Coby Karl – Karl is currently listed on the Walking Buckets (6'0 Over Elite) roster along side former Boise State Broncos Rob Heyer and Mark Sanchez and Boise State Assistant Coach John Rillie (who played at Gonzaga and is an Australian native). Karl would be the first NBA player to participate in BAM Jam. Karl played for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2007-08 season and also with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009. This past season he played with the Reno Bighorns in the NBA D-League. With Karl, Rillie and Sanchez the Walking Buckets will have 3 professionals on their squad, the most of any team this tournament.

Matt Bauscher – The “do everything” former Boise State Bronco is rumored to be considering a come back at BAM Jam with Team Muscle Pharm in the Men's 6'0 Over Elite. Bauscher retired from professional basketball this past year after a very successful run in Europe. The Muscle Pharm team lost a key player about 2 weeks ago in Booker Nabors, who blew out his Achilles while competing at the USA Basketball 3 on 3 National Tournament in Colorado Springs. Bauscher would make a nice fill in and will definitely make Muscle Pharm a top contender. The returning 3 players with Muscle Pharm, Chris Allen, Kevin Baker and Craig McGee, were all on last spring and summer's championship team and also did very well at the USA Basketball 3 on 3 National Tournament this past July.

Will Bogan – Bogan was an all state player and state champion at Vallivue High School in Caldwell, Idaho before signing to play with Ole Miss. After graduating in just 3 seasons with the Rebels, Bogan transferred to Valparaiso where he started 62 of 68 games. He is playing for Unlimited Range in the 6'0 Under Elite division.  
players to watch
Coby Karl, John Rillie and Matt Bauscher are just a few players to keep an eye on at this summer's BAM Jam


2015 Media and Event Guide

2015 Summer BAM Jam
Presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores
Media Packet
August 8-9, 2015

This media packet includes information about the upcoming 8th Annual BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. BAM Jam is the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Idaho, happening this Saturday and Sunday, August 8-9. In this packet you will find helpful information such as:
  • Top Players to Watch
  • Random facts about the tournament
  • Schedule of events
  • Locations at the event where you can find great tournament images
  • Tournament Layout
  • Contact information

We hope this helps you as you cover one of the biggest events in Boise this August!

Click here to download the Media and Event Guide.
The 2015 BAM Jam Media and Event Guide is now available


Enjoy the sun but be aware of the melanoma risks

St. Luke's Men's Health offers helpful
tips on preventing melanoma
Did you know that Idaho consistently ranks among the highest states for melanoma incidence and death rates?

Whether you are playing in the tournament, on the lake or enjoying a back yard BBQ, the sun is always a factor.

Melanoma incidence has more than tripled over the last 30 years. Melanoma is much more common among non-Hispanic whites than people of other races and ethnicities.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider: 


The Style of BAM Jam

To quote long time BAM Jam champ Chris Allen, "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good."

Allen would know, having won multiple summer and spring BAM Jam championships in the men's elite divisions.

The way a player dresses for game day says a lot about who they are and how they play.

It's gotta be the shoes (or socks, or...)

While shoes are at the core of a hooper's apparel, they are no longer the the only key element. Today's game goes beyond a player's shoe game. Socks, shorts, shoe laces, tights, shirts, head bands and arm sleeves all play in to the look. 

shoe game

At BAM Jam you will see every brand you can think of in every style imaginable. Latest releases to retro, bright to classic and everything in between from toes to top. It is a great place to test your street ball fashion sense along with your jump shot.


Weekend Warriors Converge on Boise

Monday through Friday can be a grind. But the weekend is yours. 

From Friday at 5:00 PM to Sunday at around 10:00 PM you've got 53 hours to do the things that you have been looking forward to all week. 

If you are a warrior, BAM Jam is your weekend

For weekend warriors looking for something unique and challenging, BAM Jam has you covered from the time you check in on Friday until your final game that could be Sunday afternoon.

BAM Jam hosts "weekend warriors" to two days of basketball on the streets of downtown Boise, Idaho.

Let's start with the basketball. 
In the summer, every team is guaranteed at least 3 games. 


2015 Spring BAM Jam Bracket and Event Champions

Congratulations to all the Spring BAM Jam Champions, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. 

Muscle PharmBracket #1 - Men's 6'0 Over Elite - courts
Charlies GoldBracket #2 - Men's 6'0 Under Elite - courts
FlashBracket #3 - Women's Elite - courts
MushersBracket #4 - Men's 6'0 Over Recreational - #1
DNABracket #5 - Men's 6'0 Under Recreational - Johnny's Fit Club
Sicc Wit ItBracket #6 - Men's 6'0 Under Competitive #1 - #2 
Phoenix SunsBracket #7 - Men's 6'0 Under Competitive #2 - #2
Overcooled SwagBracket #8 - Men's 6'0 Over Competitive - The Grind
Alley OopsBracket #9 - Girls 3/4 Grade - Eddies Diner
HMSKBracket #10 - Girls 5/6 Grade - Eddies Diner

**Mark your calendars for the August 8-9, 2015 for the Summer BAM Jam in downtown Boise, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores**

Flyin FourBracket #11 - Girls 7/8 Grade - Eddies Diner
City of Threes - Bracket #12 - Boys 3/4 Grade - Eddies Diner
Blue ThunderBracket #13 - Boys 5th Grade - Mikasa
Fearsome FoursomeBracket #14 - Boys 6th Grade - Mikasa
Your Worst NightmareBracket #15 - Boys 7th Grade - Wright Brothers
3A BallersBracket #16 - Boys 8th Grade - Wright Brothers
Fab FourBracket #17 - Boys 9/10 Grade - Beniton Construction
Gates of Hope TwoBracket #18 - Boys 11/12 Grade - Beniton Construction
Team IdahoBracket #19 - HS Boys Elite - courts
Uptown FunkBracket #20 - Girls 9/10 Grade - Beniton Construction

3-Point Challenge Champion - Inberbir Gill

2015 spring bam jam champs
Some of the 2015 Spring BAM Jam Champs, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores


REMINDER: Normal registration deadline is March 8

This is just a quick reminder that the normal registration deadline for the spring BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores, is this Sunday, March 8. 

Developing lower body power for basketball

In our third installment of the Basketball Improvement Series, Jason Ellis explains and then demonstrates the XP Pause Squat, a simple but important exercise that will help you develop your lower body power.


Developing Core Strength For Basketball

When we took a poll back in December, "Developing Core Strength" was one of the top answers to the question "What element of basketball training are you most interested in?"

So we worked with athletic training expert, Jason Ellis, co-founder of Rock and Armor, to give you an exercise that you can add to your workout. Jason is a professional trainer and a former professional basketball player that has played in the NBA D-League and overseas. 


Increasing Lateral Quickness

This past December, we took a survey asking players what they thought the most important aspects of training were for basketball. The top four results that players gave were:
  • Lateral quickness
  • Core strength
  • Lower body strength/power
  • Overall flexibility
We combined that with another piece of information you gave us from a recent survey on how often the average player worked out each week, not counting playing basketball. 


Here's who you are competing against

Over the past four months, we've really been digging in and trying to understand our players better. We've taken a look at our brackets over the last four tournaments, conducted a large survey, posted some online polls and reached out to talk with some of our BAM Jam players.

Our hope is that by better understanding who our players are, we will be able to do a better job serving your needs. And we intend to keep this going at our next BAM Jam tournament, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores, on March 21-22 at Capital High School in Boise, Idaho.

As we compiled the information, we thought you might be interested in knowing who you are playing against and who you might be watching. We also included some things that you told us we should consider taking a closer look at.


Local, Unique, Trusted

The following article was originally published on February 25, 2014. We've updated the information and republished since it is still relevant today. 

If you live in Southern Idaho there is always something to do. It isn't a question of what to do but a question of which option should I choose.

It's no different when choosing which basketball event to play in. You have choices between doing a camp, playing in a tournament or


USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments - A view from the players

Coming this March 21-22, 2015 is the return of the BAM Jam 3x3 basketball tournament, an official USA Basketball 3x3 National Qualifying Tournament. BAM Jam will welcome nearly 200 teams from around the northwest ranging from 10 years old to 40+.

While the 6th Annual BAM Jam has divisions for everyone, this will be the second year that the tournament's elite divisions will qualify for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"When you walk on the OTC campus, you have that 'Ahhh' moment," said Booker Nabors, a member of last year's qualifying team from BAM Jam. "It is a world class training facility."


BAM Jam update on USA Basketball qualifiers from last spring

Recently, BAM Jam, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores, announced our continued partnership with USA Basketball. For the second year, teams that win the Men's Elite (6'0 and Over), Women's Elite, Boys Elite (U18) and Girls Elite (U18) will qualify for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments. The teams that qualified last year did well enough at the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments that this year the top TWO teams will qualify from each division.

Here is a closer look at how the top two teams from the Boys Elite (U18) division are doing this year.


USA Basketball partnership extends second year as registration opens for the spring

Idaho Select Basketball, LLC has officially opened team registration for this spring's 6th Annual BAM Jam presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores. The 3x3 basketball tournament is the biggest indoor tournament in the northwest and has divisions for men and women of all ages and abilities.

BAM Jam's U18 representative at the USA Basketball
3x3 National Championships
For the second year, the tournament will also serve as a regional qualifier for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments that are held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The top two teams in the men's 6-foot and Over Elite Division, Women's Elite Division, Boys High School Elite (U18 division) and Girls High School (U18 division) will qualify for their respective USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments. All qualifying divisions will use FIBA 3x3 rules.

This spring the 3x3 basketball tournament will be held on March 21-22, 2015 at

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