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2012 Fast Eddy's BAM Jam Champs

Congratulations to the all the teams that participated in this spring's Fast Eddy's BAM Jam.

The following teams and individuals won championships.

Bracket #1 - 6'0 and Over Elite -
Bracket #2 - 6'0 and Under Elite - Welcome Home Spokane
Bracket #3 - 6'0 and Over Recreational - Fifteen Deep
Bracket #4 - 6'0 and Under Recreational - Rec Ballers
Bracket #5 - 6'0 and Under Competitive - CROSSOVER
Bracket #6 - 6'0 and Over Competitive - Goon Squad
Bracket #7 - 5/6 Grade Girls - Lady Lions
Bracket #8 - 7/8 Grade Girls - FUSION
Bracket #9 - 3/4 Grade Boys - Lil Jammers
Bracket #10 - 5/6 Grade Boys - Grizz
Bracket #11 - 7th Grade Boys - Victorious Secrets
Bracket #12 - 8th Grade Boys - Boise Blue
Bracket #13 - 9th Grade Boys - Shooting Starts
Bracket #14 - 10th Grade Boys - Las Chupacabras
Bracket #15 - 11/12 Grade Boys - AAA Ballers
Bracket #16 - Women's Adult - St. Luke's Men's Health
Jackson & Jackson 3-Point Challenge - Mario Betancourt
POWERADE Slam Dunk Championship - Brock Holubetz


Week 4 Preparation

BAM Jam: Preparation for Game Day presented by St. Luke’s Men’s Health

BAM Jam is getting closer, just a few weeks away! By now everyone has scheduled time to practice some basketball, 2 times a week at least and 6 times a week at most. You’re working on your core strength, flexibility and your explosive power!

Basketball is about short bursts of action. You want to work on the ability to stop, go and change direction quickly. We’re talking foot speed, agility and reaction time. You can improve these skills by practice quick foot movements and drills that emphasize reaction and change of directions.
The basis for these skills is individual leg strength. If you don’t have the power to push off the floor hard and fast, either on the right or left leg. you need to work on strength.

Here is a short but sweet leg workout:

Lunge Circuit 3-5lb DB 7 Steps Each Leg

  • Both arms over head
  • Both arms out
  • Both arms in front
  • Sgl arm out (R/L)
  • Sgl arm in front (R/L)

Here’s a foot speed workout:

Four Square 2X Through NO BREAK

  • Front-to-back
  • Dbl Leg :20
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)
  • Sgl Leg :10
  • Sprint strides (30 touches)
  • Side-to-Side
  • Dbl Leg :20
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)
  • Sgl Leg :10
  • Sprint strides(30 touches)

Exercise program provided by Kevin Taylor, MS, ATL, ATC. Head Athletic Trainer for the Idaho Stampede.
Enjoy your time on the court with your team as you continue to prepare for BAM Jam.

Yours in Sports,

Lorie A. Allison, LAT, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer

See the prior workouts here


Tentative schedule for BAM Jam's Saturday and Sunday

The following is a TENTATIVE schedule of events to give you an idea of how the BAM Jam tournament will unfold.

Saturday, March 17
Ideally, each team will play two games on Saturday starting in the morning. This isn't guaranteed but as the bracketing process continues that is the goal.

Through out Saturday, shooters can qualify for the finals of the Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-Point Challenge, located upstairs in the east gym at the Borah Sports Complex. The top finalists will qualify for the finals.

If you are interested in participating in the Powerade Slam Dunk Championship you will be able to sign up on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, March 18
Games will continue through out the day with the majority of championship games finishing up at 5:00 PM. Not all games will finish at that time but, again, this is our goal.

The Power Hour, which includes the Powerade Slam Dunk Championship, the Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-Point Challenge and other items, will likely be Sunday morning. More information will be available closer to the start of the event. Remember, anyone is welcome to participate in these special events. This is something you'll definitely want to be sure to either participate in or at lease check out. 


The best of the best?

Who is the best player in Boise? The best in the Treasure Valley? The best in Idaho and the Northwest? You may not hear their names in the paper or on TV. But without out doubt, the guys that are playing in pick up games and in rec leagues know who the best are.

The debate continues on March 17-18 in the Fast Eddy's BAM Jam Elite divisions.

Several players have staked their claim to the title over the years, winning the summer and spring 6'0 and Over & 6'0 and Under divisions. Some will try to claim both titles at once.

Is 3 on 3 a team game or a 1 on 1 game?
"In 3 on 3 there is a lot more break down work. You play together as a team as much as you can but you can really show out what you can do individually," said Chris Allen.

Allen should know. He is a 3-time winner of the summer BAM Jam and this spring he will be competing in the 6'0 and Over & the 6'0 and Under Elite brackets, trying to become the first ever double champion.

But the field so far is making that path look difficult. Booker Nabors, a 6 time visitor to the title game (spring and summer combined) hopes to throw up a road block in the 6'0 and Over division while a slew of other players have their sights on the 6'0 and Under title. And don't forget about Kelly McCarty, the defending spring BAM Jam Elite 6'0 and Over champion. He's trying to make a habit of winning the spring title.

The best player? We'll see. It could be a BAM Jam veteran. Or will a new name jump on the scene and make a name for themself?

The Elite Benefit
Why do teams compete at the Elite level? The motivation varies from team to team but for most it is the overall experience.

All Elite games are played on a featured court, getting the most attention. All games are officiated by certified officials. Teams get to check in at a separate area that is more convenient.

The stakes are higher too. Not only is the competition level the best around but bragging rights are also on the line.

And the champions packages aren't bad either. All Elite champion teams receive a Nike Champions shirt, LeBron shorts and Nike socks all packaged in a BAM Jam sack pack. Plus some other great items are included for the winners.

But, registration is filling fast. Get your team in ASAP or you might be watching from the sidelines instead of getting into the game!

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