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The Elite Champ Packs

Nike Max Air Backpack

Men's 6'0 over and 6'0 and under Elite Teams, here is what you are playing for (besides pride, of course). Each player on the men's 6'0 and over AND 6'0 and under Elite Teams will receive the Nike Max Air Hoops Basketball Backpack ($60 value). Inside the backpacks players will find the coveted BAM Jam Champions shirt, a long sleeve Nike Dri-FIT ($25), and a $40 gift certificate to Pro Image. That's a $125 value!

Nike Dri-FIT Champion Shirt
The Nike Max Air Backpacks feature a pocket for your basketball, shoes, a padded area to carry your laptop and an insulated beverage pocket.

The Dri-FIT long sleeve champion shirts are built for any training situation, whether you are playing outdoors in the middle of summer (like the Summer BAM Jam) or indoors for your intramural games. Plus, the design and feel looks sharp enough to wear around casually.

But you have to get your teams in soon. The registration deadline is this Saturday, March 5. Click here to register.


Increase your vertical and win the Wild 101 Slam Dunk Championship

Here's a great article by Brock Christopher (Accolade Athletics) on how to increase your vertical jump. It includes some of the science behind building your vertical along with drills and video to show you how. Who knows? With enough work maybe you will be the next Wild 101 Slam Dunk Champion!

Here is a link to the article, posted in the Los Angeles Examiner.

Increase Your Vertical Jump: Explosive power development and mechanics


Win $50 off your registration this Thursday, February 3

On Thursday, February 3 at 1:45pm (Mountain Time) we will be giving away a $50 promo code off of your team's registration. Log on to the BAM Jam Basketball Facebook page, be the first to answer a simple trivia question and you can get $50 off of your team's registration!

Click here to visit the Facebook page

The trivia question is going to revolve around last year's Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam and the various champions (teams, slam dunk contest and Jackson & Jackson 3-point Challenge). We promise it won't be hard but you have to be on our Facebook page at the right time to win. Here's a link to a web page to give you a head start.

The $50 promo code must be used during the 2011 Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam on March 12 and cannot be applied to teams already registered. It cannot be used for any other event or with any other offer. The promo code may not be exchanged for cash or other considerations.

Good luck!


Four tips from the defending champion

This spring, the Fast Eddy's BAM Jam will again feature the Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-point Challenge. Anyone can enter to win and it's always a lot of fun.

But we wanted to give our loyal readers an edge, something that might help them when they are out there shooting for the title.

Defending 3-point champion Craig Spjute shared a few tips on how he was able to win the challenge at last summer's BAM Jam as well as the state's 3-point competition as a senior at Borah High School.

Spjute at BAM Jam
Tip #1 Believe - "You have to think you are the best to be the best. Many may see this as cocky but I see it as confidence."

Tip #2 Expect Success - "It's BAM Jam so yes, it's a big deal...but not a big enough deal to freak out. Just go out there and shoot...but expect to win."

Tip #3 Don't Rush! - "You will make more shots if you relax and take an extra half second to gather yourself, as opposed to shooting as many as possible with bad form."

Tip #4 Love the crowd - "Thrive off them when they cheer! It's exciting!!"

There you have it. Everything you need to know about winning the competition. But don't start engraving your name on that trophy just yet. We suspect Craig may be back to defend his title!

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