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2014 Fast Eddy's Spring Champions

Congratulations to all the teams and champions in the 2014 Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam
Bracket #1 - Men's 6'0 Over Elite Powerade Court #1 - Northwestern Mutual
Bracket #2 - Men's 6'0 Under Elite Powerade Court #1 - Rockstar
Bracket #3 - Women's Elite  Powerade Court #1 - White Girls Can Jump
Bracket #4 - Men's 6'0 Over Rec - BAM Jam 1 - Mushers
Bracket #5 - Men's 6'0 Under Rec - AAA Idaho Court - Rec Ballers
Bracket #6 - Men's 6'0 Under Comp #1 - KM Engineering Court - Sicc Wit It
Bracket #7 - Men's 6'0 Under Comp #2 - Beniton Construction Court - Old N Young
Bracket #8 - Men's 6'0 Over Comp #1 - Jacksons Food Stores Court - Local Legends
Bracket #9 - Men's 6'0 Over Comp #2 - Jacksons Food Stores Court - Triple Threat
Bracket #10 - Girls 3/4 Grade - Mikasa Court - Team Swag
Bracket #11 - Girls 5/6 Grade - Mikasa Court - Wolf Pack
Bracket #12 - Girls 7/8 Grade - Eddie's Diner Court - Ooh Kill Em
Bracket #13 - Boys 3/4 Grade - Mikasa Court - Bull Dogs
Bracket #14 - Boys 5th Grade - Idaho Sporting Goods Court - Boise Beasts
Bracket #15 - Boys 6th Grade - Idaho Sporting Goods Court - T Wolves
Bracket #16 - Boys 7th Grade - Pro Image Court - Elite Freaks
Bracket #17 - Boys 8th Grade - Eddie's Diner Court - Fab Four
Bracket #18 - Boys HS Elite - Powerade #2 Court - G Unit
Bracket #19 - Boys 9/10 Grade - Idaho Select Court - Returnees
Bracket #20 - Boys 11/12 Grade - Powerade Court #2 - Brick Squad
Jackson & Jackson Insurance 3-Point Challenge - Logan Skurdal


Elite Divisions And What It Takes To Compete

If you've ever wanted to show that you belong in the conversation with the best of the best, the Elite Divisions at Fast Eddy's BAM Jam are a great way to prove it.

For some players, the Elite divisions are intimidating. But for the players that are driven to compete against the top talent, you can find them in the Elite Division.

Elite games are featured on the main courts with officials
They may have been beaten in the past.

They may have won the tournament before.

But they all know that the only thing that matters is what you do this time. Everything else is old news.

Here is a list of the prizes that Elite teams receive (and the divisions it applies to):

  • Qualify for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Championships (Men's 6'0 Over Elite, Women's Elite, HS Boys Elite, HS Girls Elite)
  • Nike Dri-FIT Champion Shirts (All Elite Divisions)
  • Free Entry to this summer's Fast Eddy's BAM Jam (All Elite Divisions)
  • Gift card to Pro Image (Men's 6'0 Over Elite, Men's 6'0 Under Elite, Women's Elite)
  • Gift cards to STADIA Clothing (Men's 6'0 Over Elite, Men's 6'0 Under Elite, Women's Elite)
Even if you don't win, there are other benefits to playing in an Elite division such as:
  • Elite games have a certified official to call fouls
  • Elite games are featured on the main courts
  • Elite teams have a separate streamlined check-in area during team check-in
Be sure to get your team signed by midnight on Friday, March 14. 

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