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Developing Core Strength For Basketball

When we took a poll back in December, "Developing Core Strength" was one of the top answers to the question "What element of basketball training are you most interested in?"

So we worked with athletic training expert, Jason Ellis, co-founder of Rock and Armor, to give you an exercise that you can add to your workout. Jason is a professional trainer and a former professional basketball player that has played in the NBA D-League and overseas. 


Increasing Lateral Quickness

This past December, we took a survey asking players what they thought the most important aspects of training were for basketball. The top four results that players gave were:
  • Lateral quickness
  • Core strength
  • Lower body strength/power
  • Overall flexibility
We combined that with another piece of information you gave us from a recent survey on how often the average player worked out each week, not counting playing basketball. 


Here's who you are competing against

Over the past four months, we've really been digging in and trying to understand our players better. We've taken a look at our brackets over the last four tournaments, conducted a large survey, posted some online polls and reached out to talk with some of our BAM Jam players.

Our hope is that by better understanding who our players are, we will be able to do a better job serving your needs. And we intend to keep this going at our next BAM Jam tournament, presented by Treasure Valley Ford Stores, on March 21-22 at Capital High School in Boise, Idaho.

As we compiled the information, we thought you might be interested in knowing who you are playing against and who you might be watching. We also included some things that you told us we should consider taking a closer look at.


Local, Unique, Trusted

The following article was originally published on February 25, 2014. We've updated the information and republished since it is still relevant today. 

If you live in Southern Idaho there is always something to do. It isn't a question of what to do but a question of which option should I choose.

It's no different when choosing which basketball event to play in. You have choices between doing a camp, playing in a tournament or

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