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Announcing the 2009 Bracket Champions

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the 2009 BAM Jam. Below were the bracket champions for all 27 brackets.

Overall Men's Elite Champion (Idaho Trust Bank Center Court) - Heaters
Men's Elite Bracket #1 (KTIK Court) - Bodybuildingcom
Men's Elite Bracket #2 (CBS Court) - Heaters
Women's Elite Bracket #3 (Hampton Inn Court) - Carolina Blue Dogs
Men's 6'0 Under Elite Bracket #4 (Pita Pit Court) - Entourage
High School Boys Elite Bracket #5 (The Eagle and US Marines Center Court) - Idaho Meth Project
High School Girls Bracket #6 (Key Bank Court) - Compton
Men's 6'0 Under Competitive Bracket #7 (Dominos Court) - Cafe Ole
Men's Recreational Bracket #8 (Design West Court) - Hot Pockets
Men's Recreational Bracket #9 (Buster's Court) - Listener Seventeen
Men's 6'0 Under Recreational Bracket #10 (Washington Trust Bank Court) - Street Connectionz
Men's 40 and Over Bracket #11 (Jackson & Jackson Court) - Team Kuna
Boy's 8th Grade Bracket #12 (Bronco Shop Court) - Mama's Boys
Boy's 7th Grade Bracket #13 (JUB Court) - Three Plus One
Boy's 6th Grade Bracket #14 (Magic 93.1 Court) - Hoop It Up
High School Girls Bracket #15 (Helly Hansen Court) - Ballers Cubed
Girl's 8th Grade Bracket #16 (State Farm Court) - Skyview Ballers
Girl's 6th/7th Grade Bracket #17 (Design West Court) - Hit Squad
Adult Co-ed Bracket #18 (Kissin 92 Court) - North Enders
Boy's 9th Grade Bracket #19 (Roman Roofing Court) - Wolves
Men's Competitive Bracket #20 (AAA of Idaho Court) - Unlimited Range
Men's Competitive Bracket #21 (Eddie's Diner Court) - Phislamajama
Boy's 10th Grade Bracket #22 (Old Chicago Court) - All Day
Boy's 11th/12th Grade Bracket #23 (Beniton Construction Court) - Warriors
High School Co-ed Bracket #24 (Goss Gustavel Goss Court) - Twin Power
Boy's 4th Grade Bracket #25 (Strong Start Court) - Idaho Blaze Code Red
Boy's 5th Grade Bracket #26 (District 4 Softball Court) - Four Dreamers
Women's Bracket #27 (Heavenly Ham Court) - PEWN

Gatorade Slam Dunk Champion - Kelvin Jones, Idaho Falls, ID
LeMaster Daniels 3-point Shootout Champion - Kris Zamora, Caldwell, ID


BAM Jam pictures

To see all of the official photos from BAM Jam, check out DutchNine's photo gallery. There are hundreds of pictures and all are available for purchase. Click Here to check them out.


Thank You!

With the 2009 BAM Jam completed and a day to reflect on the event, there is no doubt that this community is the best!

First, thanks to all the volunteers that made this happen. While there are too many to recognize individually, it took a huge effort from all of the BAM Jam operational units. The set up crew was amazing and their creative solutions to a wet set up were crucial. We know you are probably still soaked to the bone! The check in team at Piper Pub, Jacksons/Fast Eddy's Master Scoreboard, volunteer check in, BAM Jam Lounge in the 8th Street Mareketplace, court monitors and marshals, medical and hydration stations, the BAM Jam Store, Regence BlueShield Information booth, LeMaster Daniels contest courts, tear down and clean up crews and our booth set up teams were incredible. Your time, energy and passion were vital to the event's success!

Second, the BAM Jam sponsors were crucial to making this happen. To those that were on board from the start last year and the new sponsors that joined us this year, your support and assistance allowed this great event to take place.

And of course, thank you to all the participants that hung in there through the early rain and finished in the bright beautiful sunshine! You did amazing and, regardless of your final record, you are all champions just for finishing. We look forward to improving this event for you next year (August 6-7) and continuing to make BAM Jam an event you can be proud of!


BAM Jam hotline

For updates on the tournament, contact (208) 429-5600. Thanks Magic 93.1!


Event Map

Click here to view the event map for the 2009 BAM Jam. It's a big .pdf and may take a minute to download.



Brackets are being built as you read this (unless you are reading it after they are done ;). Remember, these brackets are probably 95% accurate but the final brackets will be given out at team check in at the Piper Pub (150 N. 8th Street, Boise, ID) on Thursday from 4-9pm and Friday from 11am-1pm. During the event, the Master Scoreboard next to the BAM Jam store is the official set of brackets.

To view the brackets page, click here or type into your web browser.

No games will start before 5:00 PM on Friday.


Team Check In / Player Changes

To all teams:

You should be receiving an email with the subject "BAM Jam Schedule" from Vince. In there is your Team Number. You will need this number to check in.

If you do not have this email, please do the following before sending an email:
  1. Check your email inbox
  2. Check your spam or junk folder (it may have gotten bumped in there)
  3. Check with your teammates. For some reason, the email may have been sent to them. If they can't find it have them check their spam or junk folders
If none of these things lead to the email, send an email to

Team check in will take place at the Piper Pub in downtown Boise, 150 N. 8th Street. Check in is required and is where you will receive your team's bracket and t-shirts. You may check in either Thursday from 4-9pm or Friday from 11am-1pm.

Player changes are available. We know that plans change or injuries happen close to the start of the tournament and this is why we have made available the Player Change Form. Only fully completed Player Change Forms will be accepted. These can be found by rolling your mouse over the "Play" link above and clicking on "Player Change" when it drops down. Or just Click Here.

Schedule of Events

This weekend, downtown Boise will feature the best basketball in the northwest. But to maximize your fun and entertainment, here is a schedule of events that you will want to check out.

Idaho Trust Bank Center Court (intersection of Broad and 8th Street)
Friday, August 7
5:00-7:30 PM - Elite Games
7:30-8:00 PM - Youth Slam Dunk Competition
8:00-9:00 PM - Elite Games

Saturday, August 8
8:00-9:00 AM - Elite Games
9:00-9:30 AM - Mascot Game (features local sports mascots!)
9:30-11:30 AM - Elite Games
12:00-3:00 PM - Elite Games
3:00-4:00 PM - Gatorade Slam Dunk Competition and 3-Point Shootout
4:00-5:30 PM - Elite Championship Games

U.S. Marines Youth Center Court (intersection of Fulton and 8th Street)
Friday, August 7
5:00-8:30 PM - High School Elite Games
8:30-9:00 PM - 3-Point Shootout Semi-final

Saturday, August 8
8:00-10:00 AM - High School Elite Games
10:00-10:30 AM - XTreme Cheer Performance
10:30-11:30 AM - High School Elite Games
11:30-12:00 PM - 3-Point Shootout Semi-final
12:00-2:30 PM - High School Elite Games
2:30-3:00 PM - 3-Point Shootout Semi-final
4:00-5:30 PM - High School Elite Championship Games


Registration Issues

If you have tried to register since about 2:00 PM on Monday, August 3, we have been getting reports of a few problems. It looks like they are occurring on the payment side and that company is working out the bugs as we speak. We have been informed that these problems should be taken care of by 6:00 PM Monday night.

If you have experienced any problems during this time frame, feel free to send an email to to see if your team was registered. We will continue to monitor this issue until it is resolved.

Thanks for your patience!


Late registration and brackets

If teams are still interested in registering for the 2009 BAM Jam, we still have some room. But complete your team registration ASAP (

Now the bracketing begins! We are taking all the teams that have registered and matching them up based on age, ability and desired level of competition. This is actually a somewhat scientific process using spreadsheets and variables. Probably very boring to the average person we sure get into it!

Brackets will be posted Wednesday evening, August 5. Team check in will begin Thursday, August 7. Details coming soon!

Games will start on Friday no earlier than 5:00 PM.

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