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What if I want to play but don't have a team?

If you would like to play in this year's BAM Jam but can't find two other other players, we might be able to help. Send us your name and the division you want to play in and we will try and get you in contact with other players. We can't guarantee you a team, but we will try and help. Send your info to


Gatorade to sponsor the Dunk Competition

Saturday of BAM Jam will now feature the Gatorade Dunk Competition. The biggest ups, hops and blast off in the Treasure Valley and Northwest will be featured Saturday afternoon at the Idaho Trust Bank Center Court.

Think you have some get up? Email to find out more about how to get signed up for this year's Gatorade Dunk Competition.


Attention: no talent required

Some questions we've been getting a lot of lately is do you have a division for 40 year olds? Or, do you have a division for out of shape guys that aren't very good? Or even, do you have a bracket for people that used to play but haven't touched a ball in two years?

The answer is simply, yes. We have to or we wouldn't have a place to play! When we set up the brackets, our goal is match up teams as equally as possible. So if there are teams that are of a similar age, ability, or several other variables on the registration, we'll do our best to get you in there. As the BCS has proven, no system is perfect. But we'll do what we can to match you up appropriately.


Attention: talent coming

It looks like BAM Jam is going to host some serious talent this year as defending Hoopfest champions, Green Mountain Construction, will be competing in the elite bracket. Check the article from the Spokesman-Review.

The champs, with Chris Allen shown here, will have to hold off fellow Hoopfest final four team, Bodybuilding dot com.

Who will take the championship? Will an unknown sneak up and snatch the title? Who knows, but this one is going to be fun!



Do you know who these groups are? The Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, Idaho Select Basketball?

These are organizations shaping the future of young men and women in our community. And they are the groups that will truly benefit from BAM Jam as all proceeds are given back to them.

Visit their websites and learn more about how your participation can help some great people.
Boys and Girls Club -
Big Brothers Big Sisters -
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence -
Idaho Select Basketball -


On the radio

For those interested in some Q and A about the BAM Jam, today we will be on the air with local radio stations in Boise. At about 5-5:15 P.M. tune into 96.9 The Eagle for an interview with Doug. And then move over to 1350 AM The Ticket at 5:35 with Caves and Prater for another spin on the event.


Dates and Times

The BAM Jam will kick off on Friday, August 8 at 6:00 P.M. in BoDo and the surrounding area. We will start up again Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M. and all brackets should be completed by 4:30 or 5:00 P.M.


Learning from the best

What a weekend! The Spokane Hoopfest was a blast with 6,400 teams and 25,000 competitors taking over the Washington city. The BAM Jam staff was let inside the ropes as we got to see the entire event from behind the scenes as the Hoopfest staff took care of us and showed us the ins and outs of putting on a major 3 on 3 event.

And the ball was great too. Of the 6,400 teams, 3 teams from the Treasure Valley finished in the top 8 with Green Mountain Construction winning the whole thing! I guess Idaho players do have game.

So now it's the Treasure Valley's turn to show that we can host a premium event as well. We sat down with Center Court sponsor Idaho Trust earlier this week and they are going to turn that thing into an amazing featured court. We can't wait to see the finished product.

Really, all of our sponsors have been doing the little extra things. The BoDo team had some great suggestions and the LeMaster Daniels Fun Zone should give a little something extra to those that want to try something new. It is the support like this that's reminds us why we live in such a great community.

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