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Defending Fast Eddy's Slam Dunk Champion wins national award

Congratulations to Kelly McCarty, the 2010 Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam Slam Dunk Champion on being selected as the NAIA National Division II Men’s Basketball Player of the Week.

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Two tips for 3-on-3 success

Here are a couple of tips on making the most of your BAM Jam experience.

First tip: Find your mismatches (or create them). A lot of 3 on 3 is actually 1 on 1 so you want to take advantage of any mismatches you can exploit. Got a big guarded by a small? Get them the ball inside. Got a quicker guard being defended by a slower player? Get them the ball on the outside and give them room to work.

But what about creating mismatches? Obviously most teams are going to just give you great match ups all day. One way to create potential advantages is by running a simple pick and roll. Bring your big man out to the top for a high on ball screen and watch what the defense does. If they switch, you should now have a big guarding a small on the wing and your big can roll to the basket with a smaller player on them. The great thing about 3 on 3 is that there is very little help side defense so you can usually get an edge. But be quick. The best teams read a defense before the ball is checked and can make adjustments in a matter of seconds during a possession.

Second tip: Go long. In BAM Jam, like a lot of pick up games, 3's are worth 2 and 2's are worth 1. That means you are getting more value out of your 3-point field goals than you normally would. So make sure you take advantage...if you have the shooters. Especially inside the Borah Sports Complex where there is no wind or rain or sun in your eyes. But don't shoot yourself out of games. Some teams become to reliant on the 3-pointer. Remember, a MISSED 3-pointer is always worth 0.

Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam is March 17-18, 2012 at the Borah Sports Complex in Boise. Registration is now open.


Posters and Title Sponsor

We are proud to announce that for the second year, Fast Eddy's will again be the title sponsor of the Spring BAM Jam at Taco Bell Arena. A big thanks to the Fast Eddy's team! The Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam will be on March 12, 2011.

Also, we are nearing the completion of our poster design and printing. These things look great! If you would like to help support the Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam by hanging a poster at your business, home, school, church or organization let us know and we'll get you one. Just send an email to with your business name and address.

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