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Developing lower body power for basketball

In our third installment of the Basketball Improvement Series, Jason Ellis explains and then demonstrates the XP Pause Squat, a simple but important exercise that will help you develop your lower body power.

Jason will provide a new exercise each week that is intended to be added to your workouts you are already doing and won't require any special equipment or assistance. 

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Workout #3 - Developing Lower Body Power

The primary uses of lower body power in basketball:
  • Boxing out 
  • Elevate on your jump shot
  • Elevate to contest shots
With great power in your lower body you are going to be able to improve your ability to box out and get more rebounds, get off better shots by getting more elevation on your jump shot and be able to contest more shots at the rim on defense.

*Below is a short video that explains the exercise and gives an example of how to do it. 

Exercise: XP Pause Squat

Similar to a regular squat, the XP Pause Squat incorporates some basic techniques and points of emphasis:

Bar - the bar should be on your scapulas, below your shoulders and NEVER on your neck.

Stance - heels are shoulder width apart and feet are flat on the floor pointing forward.

Knees - should point the same direction as your feet. When you squat they should never go out past your feet.

Grip - use a medium grip (not too close, not too far apart). Remember, your back should support the weight, not your hands.

Chest - keep chest up, shoulder blades are squeezed back.

Head - keep your head in line with your spine. Look straight ahead. You shouldn't be looking up or at your feet.

Breathing - inhale on the way down and breath out as you explode up.
developing lower body power basketball
Jason Ellis explains how to develop lower body power for basketball and how to properly do the XP Pause Squat exercise

Performing the exercise

The first time you perform this exercise, do not use any weight on the bar. Perfect the technique first.*

Keeping your body aligned (feet, hips, knees and shoulders) put your weight in your heels. 

Squat down until the crease in your hips goes below your knees. Parallel thighs is not deep enough. 

At the bottom of the squat, hold the position for 3 seconds and then explode upward so that your feet slightly leave the ground. 

Complete 3 sets of 10.

Duration and feel

Between each set, take a 45-60 second rest. From start to finish the exercise will take you about 8-10 minutes. Your hamstrings will begin to burn on the second and third sets. 

About Jason Ellis and Rock and Armor

Jason played at Boise State from 2001-2005. After a successful collegiate career, Jason played professionally from 2005-2014 with stints in Europe and the NBA Developmental League (Idaho Stampede), recording multiple championships and individual accolades along the way. Jason has trained with world-renown strength and conditioning coaches throughout his playing career. This passion has led to his post-basketball career as a Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT).

Rock and Armor Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, LLC offers a unique approach to athletic enhancement, fitness, and healing for active individuals of all ages. We are sports enthusiasts who believe fitness and healing should be fun, and occur in open spaces free from confinement. Our 8,000 SF facility allows athletes and active individuals to rehabilitate injuries in a setting that feels more like a gym, field, or court, and less like a doctor’s office.

Phone: (208)917-2660
535 N. Locust Grove Rd, Suite 170
Meridian, ID 83642

*We don't recommend doing these workouts if you have any health problems or are not experienced with physical workouts

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