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Brackets are now available for viewing

Here is a link to brackets. CLICK HERE

For teams that were not able to be placed, an email has been sent to team captains with details.

Remember, team check in is Thursday from 6-9pm at StoneHouse in Boise. They are located at 665 Park Boulevard, Boise, ID 83712 (208) 345-6790. A team representative needs to be there. If you can't be there, please arrange for someone to come in your place.

Emails are being sent out to bracketed teams with details on the team check in, how to make player changes, when the tournament starts, what to do at the event, parking, admissions, etc. Our server is very slow so please be patient (and we mean VERY SLOW!) Based on our initial estimates teams should have their check in emails with their team numbers by 8:30 AM Thursday morning. If you receive multiple emails regarding the same team it is likely because the email listed for your teammates was a duplicate.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your spam or junk folder, as sometimes these email can end up in there.

Update 2:25 AM
At approximately 2:00 AM our email server crashed with only about half the emails going out. We are going to continue to resolve this and get the rest of the emails out. Please know that if your team is listed in your bracket than you are in the tournament and should plan on meeting at StoneHouse Thursday between 6-9pm for team check in. 

Here is the email that you would have received (you can look your team number up at check in)

Greetings [your team name would have gone here]
Welcome to the second annual Fast Eddy's Spring BAM Jam. Below is the check
in and schedule information for this Saturday's Fast Eddy's BAM Jam! There
is a lot of info but IT IS IMPORTANT! Please be sure to read this carefully
so that you are aware of the goings on for the event.
Team number: [your team number would have gone here]
You will need this number in order to check your team in prior to the
tournament. Please print this email and bring it with you. [or you can look it up at team check in]
Team check in 
Team check in is at the StoneHouse next to The Ram, located at 665 Park Blvd
in Boise. Check in is on Thursday, March 10 goes from 6-9pm. TEAM CHECK IN
IS MANDATORY! This is where you will get your player wristbands that will
get you on the floor. Team captains are responsible for distributing
wristbands to their team. It is your responsibility to not lose these
wristbands. Each player on your roster will receive a wristband. Youth teams
(grades 3-8) will be given one extra wristband for a designated coach.
PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR EXTRAS as we will not be able to accommodate you.

If your team captain or a team member is unable to attend, please make
arrangements with someone else to attend in your place. Only 1 team
representative needs to be present at the team check in; the entire team is
not required to be at the team check in.

While the first games will begin at 8:00 AM, the doors will open at
approximately 7:45 AM.

Wristbands - new this spring 
Due to safety and security reasons, only players wearing the designated
player wristbands will be allowed on to the Taco Bell Arena main floor. For
youth teams (grades 3-8) you may designate one person as your coach that
will also receive a player wristband (please do not ask for extras). These
wristbands will be given to team captains or a team representative at the
team check in on Thursday night. They will only be issued to players on your
roster. If your team plays in Bronco Gym or on the US Marines courts, your
player wristband will get you in there as well.

If you are not a player you will be able to purchase admission to the event
at Lobby 3 or at the Bronco Gym entrance for $3 (children 7 and under are
free). You will be issued a spectator wristband at that time. The first
3,000 paid spectators will also be able to redeem their wristbands at the
Fast Eddy's convenience store in Meridian for a free 16oz Monster energy
drink! (Must redeem by April 30)

If you are watching games in the Bronco Gym or on the US Marines courts,
your spectator wristbands will get you in there as well.

Brackets will be posted online at on
Wednesday night. Please note that these brackets are tentative. Updated
brackets will be available at team check in and the official brackets will
be posted at the Jacksons Master Scoreboard located in Lobby 4. NOTE: It is
the team's responsibility to be sure that you are in the correct bracket and
know your correct start time. The brackets are created based on the
information that was submitted. You will also receive an event map with
court locations and your team's t-shirts at team check in.

Brackets for 3-8 graders will have volunteer court monitors to call fouls.
Remember that they are volunteers and will do the best that they can. Please
show the proper respect. For those players that are showing great
sportsmanship you may receive the Idaho Stampede Sportsmanship Award from a
court monitor. They will have something special for you!

Teams that are more than 5 minutes late for their game may be forfeited. It
is at the court monitor's discretion. Also, if you decide to protest a game
for an illegal roster, you must do so prior to the start of your game.

Bracket Champions Shirts
Please note, if you win your bracket your team will be issued official BAM
Jam Champion Shirts. These shirts are for the team members listed on your
roster only. Coaches are not provided a shirt.

Event Parking
There will be parking in front of Taco Bell Arena for a fee as well as the
parking garage down the street. There is also limited street parking near
the arena. Please keep in mind that there is a lot of construction going on
so you may want to arrive a little early for your games.
At the event
If you need really good and affordable food, My Family Tradition BBQ will be
in the Player's Lounge (near Lobby 4). Their menu (breakfast, lunch and
dinner) is posted on our website under "News"

Players and spectators can compete in the Jackson & Jackson Insurance
3-Point Challenge through out the day (in between Lobby 1 and Lobby 2). They
are giving out t-shirts and the top shooters will compete at center court
for the championship.

If you are interested in competing in the Wild 101 Slam Dunk Championship,
be sure to sign up at the STADIA booth in Lobby 3. The champion will get
some cool prizes and achieve legendary status like former champs Reggie
Larry and Kelvin Jones (just type their names into YouTube along with BAM

Also at the STADIA booth they will be letting anyone spin their prize wheel
for a chance to win free shirts, water bottles, Idaho Stampede tickets and
more. Details are available at under the "News" link.

If you are injured at the tournament, St. Luke's will be providing trainers
in Taco Bell Arena, Bronco Gym and on the US Marines courts.

Player Changes
If you need to add, delete or change a player you will need to utilize the
Player Change form, available under the "Play" link on the BAM Jam website, There are a lot of teams with only three players listed
so if you want a fourth you need to add them by Thursday (they need to be on
your roster to get a wristband). Please note that player changes need to fit
your division. For example if you are playing in the 6' and under your
replacement/new player needs to be 6' tall or under. If you are on a 7th
grade team your replacement/new player needs to be in 7th grade or younger.
You get the picture. We will be paying special attention to team rosters
this year as our insurance hinges on having accurate rosters.

We are still in search of a few great volunteers to help out at the
tournament. Since you are playing you may not be available but you might
know someone that is. There are tons of benefits to being a court monitor or
usher. Check them all out at and click on "Volunteers".
Or send an email to or call him at (208) 371-8242.

Thank you for your participation in Fast Eddy's BAM Jam. Please remember to
always be respectful to your court monitors and other Fast Eddy's BAM Jam
volunteers. They are giving back to the community from the good of their
hearts and deserve your respect at all times.
See you Thursday and at the arena!

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