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Brackets are full

As of yesterday (Monday), all brackets have completely filled. Several brackets actually filled up last Saturday. As we mentioned, there is very limited space at Taco Bell Arena so we filled space on a first come first served basis based on bracket needs. Like last year, there are several teams that did not register in time and will be given a full refund for their teams.

Within the next day (by Wednesday night) all team captains will be receiving an email about the tournament. It will either be an email informing you that your team was not able to be placed and how you will receive your refund OR it will contain information on what bracket you are in, team check in and other important tournament details.

FYI, all brackets are expected to begin at 8:00 AM on Saturday. This does not necessarily mean that you will be playing at 8:00 AM, just that the first games will begin then. Brackets are expected to go until 8:00 PM for those teams that keep winning. Until the brackets are out (probably Wednesday night) we cannot give more detailed information.

For more details on brackets, player changes, team check-in and floor access click here.

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