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The most balanced BAM Jam team ever created

So, you wanna win BAM Jam? With four players on your team, each player has a chance to fill a role. 

There are a lot of ways to put together your team but here is a balanced approach. Which player are you? Do you know any of these players? Get any four of them and your team is set.
Which player are you? Find the right balance for your team and you will find success.
Neddy No Limit - BAM Jam is a game of 1s and 2s so the ability knock down the deep ball is more important then ever. That's why Neddy has a place in this game. Their specialty is the ability to knock down shots from way out. Neddy may not play a ton of defense but when they "find their rhythm" it is probably worth it. Especially when you're down 18-19 and you've got the ball.

Betty Breakdown - Let's face it, Neddy is out of a job if someone isn't getting him the ball. That's where Betty comes in. Betty can breakdown the defender off the dribble or off a ball screen and get to the paint. Now they can hit a wide open Neddy in the corner or finish off the drive with pull up jumper or lay in. 

Sammy Situation - Missed lay ups and blown defensive assignments don't stop Sammy. Because Sammy is a gamer. When your team is down and out and needs a run or needs just one huge bucket at the end, Sammy delivers. And then you remember why you asked them to be on your team.

Alex All Around - Scoring? Nah. Dribbling? Nah? Alex just wants to play defense, dive on loose balls and grab rebounds. All without ever saying anything...unless provoked. Probably ends up being the teams MVP, though Alex may not score a basket all weekend.

Lineup Logan - It all starts with Logan. Literally. Logan is the team captain/manager/go to answer person. They are the one organizing the team, getting them registered, picking up the packets and making sure everyone is at their games on time. Logan may not get a ton of credit but somebody has to do it.

Who are we missing? Is there another persona that is the perfect asset to a team?

Be sure to get your team registered before the deadline and before all spots are full. Click here to register. 

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