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Five reasons to celebrate being a Court Monitor

Since this is the Fifth Annual Fast Eddy's Summer BAM Jam, here are five great reasons to volunteer as a Court Monitor.

Court Monitors receive STADIA shorts and special shirts
1. Thanks to STADIA Clothing Court Monitors will get a newly designed pair of court monitor shorts. These shorts have pockets for your keys and cell phone, draw strings and breathable material. And of course, CM will also receive their Court Monitor shirts to go with them.

2. Private parking - this year, Court Monitors will receive special parking passes that put them right in the middle of the action. The Court Monitor parking lot is located right in the middle of the tournament so you can simply park your car and jump right on to your court.

3. Lunch both days - Thanks again to Pita Pit, all Court Monitors will be getting lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Chicken? Ham and Turkey? You got it!

4. Keep the ball - yep, when you finish up with your court on Sunday you get to keep the basketball that your teams used.

5. And of course, by volunteering as a Court Monitor you are helping out a great community event that helps our local economy and local non-profit organizations. Plus, you get to meet some great people that are volunteering along side of you and the players that are on your court.

All Court Monitors will be provided with training and at the event you have a support staff specifically assigned to provide you with assistance if you need it. Your basic duties include: making sure the correct teams are on your court, getting games started on time, providing information on game rules and insuring that game scores get turning in to the master scoreboard. And if you are interested in officiating games, we can put you on a bracket that includes that as well.

Click here to learn more about being a Court Monitor and to register. When you register you can tell us what size of shirt and shorts you would like and we will be able to contact you about upcoming training options. 

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